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In 1985 two artists began a collaboration based on the understanding that Australia’s cultural future was a shared one. Steve Culley and Jimmy Pike began working together to share Jimmy's artwork around the world through Desert Designs.
Jimmy was a Walmajarri man from the Great Sandy Desert, and one of Australia’s most celebrated Aboriginal artists. Jimmy depicted Walmajarri country, its physical and spiritual realms, its beauty and its sacredness.
For over 30 years Desert Designs has communicated the work of Jimmy and other indigenous artists from the oldest living culture on the planet, with vibrant energy and pinpoint accuracy. Today this collaboration between ancient and modern cultures continues, from the Great Sandy Desert to the desert homes of ancient peoples around the planet.
We believe in a shared cultural future; Ancient and modern knowledge in symbiotic harmony.
A portion of sales from pieces depicting Jimmy Pike artwork support the Jimmy Pike Trust in promoting Aboriginal art and culture.